design by mario nanni 2009


laseggiola is a sculpture, a sheet designed to be carried under the arm, to be unrolled and turned into a birch wood seat; size when closed 50x80x3.6 cm, open 50x80x26.8 cm. one door, one panel, a painting hanging on the wall opens and unfolds itself to create a chair, a high-backed chair for study or for travel. flexible, light, fine and firm, laseggiola is a surface that transforms into volume; a plane that becomes a solid made of two overlapping parallelepipeds. a device for sitting and also to store personal items, to write and study, to read and savour a drink... laseggiola is designed to be carried about with you when you are weary of always sitting in the same place...


produced by henrytimi


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mario nanni progettista