porta d'acqua

project mario nanni 2008

porta d'acqua is a wall recessed tap made of chromed aluminium; it is available in two versions: 18x18x3 cm and 18x25x3 cm. the water supply device rotates around a fulcrum such as the small window surface juts out of the wall by 6 cm; the hot and cold water pipes run along the hinge. a special lever enables the water temperature regulation by a single touch.

'for years I have been making drawings of surfaces, planes, sheets of light and gave them different positions, different functions. the tap was among them. a plane in line with the wall and that sheds its leaf from it to become a water dispenser, a tap, a page of light and water.' mn

EP patent pending n° 2101003 del 10/03/2009

product by cea


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