la mia botola dell'aria condizionata
la mia botola dell'aria condizionata

his research becomes increasingly sophisticated and experimental, with more and more input being brought into play. light is not just a lighting fixture, but it is also no longer merely design material. light becomes a game, a dream and an illusion, going back to being the quintessence of itself.

mario sees light in white pages, in empty spaces, in film reels, in sitting rooms filled with colour from television sets. it can be found in shadows, in the geometric folds of zen gardens... light can be found in every single object and at all times, but is never the same.

first we have the glare of the cinema filled with the snow of doctor zhivago, then the darkness, which is never complete darkness, of the next frame set in the home. it is never dark because the eye is able to perceive light in the semi-darkness: all it needs to do is observe, know how to observe.

mario nanni progettista